About Scott Muhonen and MCS

Scott Muhonen became involved in concrete construction directly out of high school, working with a small residential foundation subcontractor, and moving into commercial foundations and flatwork a couple years later when he joined a partner to begin a subcontracting company in 2000. The company grew quickly and was much in demand every June to November. Aside from a downturn in 2009 due to the recession, the company maintained a steady stream of satisfied customers.

In 2016 Scott Muhonen sold his interest in the subcontracting company and founded Muhonen Construction. Endeavoring to start small, grow slowly, and maintain as much of a balance as possible in the seasonally demanding construction market, Scott invested in the tools required to service residential foundations, floors, and sidewalks, as well as small commercial buildings and addition foundations, slabs, and sidewalks. Our current outlook is to continue to expand concrete installation, and possibly light excavation/grading services as market needs and qualified employee availability factors align.

With a combination of experience, care, and attention to detail MCS has established a reputation for quality project completion. Concrete is a versatile material that when properly planned and installed will provide many years of in-service value. Every job we do begins with an honest conversation.. We work to fully understand the customer’s needs and evaluate location specific factors to address potential challenges ensure the job is done right. Please give us a chance to help plan and install your next concrete project. If your location is outside of our service area, feel free to contact us if you would like help with your planning process.