concrete slab foundation

There are many benefits to a poured concrete foundation:

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Water resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Low maintenance

Concrete is the most common construction material for foundations because of its strength, longevity, ready availability of base components, and ability to be placed in any desired shape a form can be built to accommodate. Every structure that is to last must be built on a foundation that will remain where it is placed for the duration of the life of the structure it supports.

There are a few considerations to achieve a good foundation once a design has been established: proper layout (measurements are correct and structure is in proper location), proper reinforcement install, wall straightness, and wall flatness. Loads that must be resisted by the foundation are different for every structure, but mainly there are lateral loads and vertical loads that must be resisted adequately. An improperly placed foundation can be extremely costly to repair, but can be far more costly to construct a building or structure on. Let us help you start your next building with a foundation that will stand.

When you compare the pluses of poured concrete compared to a block foundation, you will find a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative. We will work with both builders and homeowners on foundations within our work area that fall within our expertise. Please call or contact us to discuss the foundation you are planning to build.

Footings for Major Structural Upgrade

This commercial project involved a building that used to be a high school now being converted to an apartment building. These are the footings for the sheer walls, which are shields from wind and facility active load acting as braces for the outer brick walls. Pictured below is the digging, shoring and reinforcement before the concrete was poured.

Museum Project

Subcontracting to Hutter Construction of New Ipswich NH, we constructed the new foundation for the building addition. This was a substantial expansion of the existing historic revolutionary war Concord Museum.