Flatwork is a term that commonly incorporates all the horizontal concrete surface needs of commercial or residential buildings such as: floor slab, sidewalks, ramps, pads, and stairs.

Applications include suitable substrate for finish flooring installation, base for mechanical equipment, building entrance access, pads at exterior doors, walkways to parking areas, dumpster platform, loading area surfaces, truck and trailer parking areas, and driveway areas.

Concrete is the preferred material for many commercial flatwork applications due to its ability to perform under extreme conditions with relatively little maintenance when designed and installed correctly.

Factors to consider prior to concrete installation are volume of traffic/use of surface, weight or loading surface will be subject to, changing temperature and moisture factors (exterior). An investment in concrete flatwork can yield returns for many years with proper planning. Let us participate in your next project, contact us to find out more.

Pictures ‘Slab removal 1+2’ as well as ‘Slab curing 1+2’ are a replacement of slab while manufacturer continued to operate. Purpose was to swap out huge machine and need was for stronger sub surface. Went from 8 inch slab to 12 inch reinforced slab. We were a subcontractor to Accura Construction Corp of New Ipswitch, NH.

Commercial Flatwork Prep

The photos below show prep work completed by Muhonen Constuction for MPC Construction. The stairs were part of multi tenant retail building construction, and the pads were the basis for a mini storage in Seabrook NH.

Residential Flatwork

Projects illustrated include garage floors, basements, and a pool house slab.