Muhonen Construction Services

Muhonen Construction Services is a southern New Hampshire based company specializing in installation of foundations, piers, structural pads, slabs, sidewalks, patios, and curbs for residential and commercial concrete applications in Southern NH and Northeastern Massachusetts.

We have many years experience as both contractors as well as subcontractors, and can help with residential garage and addition frost-walls; house and addition basements; site retaining walls, garage and basement slabs; commercial building frost walls, slabs on grade, slabs on deck, electrical substation pads, and site sidewalks.

Our customer base includes homeowners, builders, general contractors, site contractors, and utility contractors. From initial project planning and budgeting to final installation of concrete work, we can assist you to help prevent surprises such as unexpected cost increases, and project delays or plan deviations.

Let us put our broad range of experience to work for you on your concrete foundations and flat-work projects.

GC queries are welcome.